Why Is Social Media Important For PR?

Why Is Social Media Important For PR?

A decade ago, the question of How to use Social Media for PR wouldn’t have even made sense! Social media didn’t really exist a decade ago.

So within all this mammer-jammer, and hype about “Social media this…” and “Social media that…” when the day is done, is there a way to squeeze some free public relations out of your Social Marketing campaign?

Why, Yes, I believe there’s a couple…

Have you ever heard of YouTube?


You know, that little homemade video site Google bought a little while ago for a couple billion? Yea, that’s the one.

No matter what your business is (almost), your potential customers are hanging out on YouTube. It’s easily the most high-traffic video hub. It gets millions of unique search queries everyday.

THAT is how to use Social Media for PR!

Why? Well let’s see…

1) It’s free,

2) You will probably get a ton of views and click-throughs,

3) It’s free,

4) You may get lucky and accidentally create a video that goes viral, and

5) It’s free

Seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Have you ever thought about creating a YouTube channel and posting some videos on it that are relevant and interesting to your ideal customers?

What kind of videos should I post?

Well, what’s your business about?

If you’re a travel agency in Washington D.C., make a video about the joys of marshmallows…I’m kidding! Make a video related to travel!

If you’re a cobbler in Northern Virginia, make a video about how to repair your own shoes.

If you’re a financial advisory firm in Maryland, make a video about how to retire much more quickly than you think is possible.

Whatever your business is (almost), you can learn how to use Social Media for free PR.

YouTube is 1 of 1,000s of Social Media Sites

And luckily, if you learn how to use YouTube for Public Relations purposes, you can do the same thing to harness a lot of the other ones too.

There’s a general pattern that plays out like this…

Make some original relevant content, share, engage, repeat.