Why Is PPC Important In Business?

Why Is PPC Important In Business?

It’s all about the tools

Professional Pay-Per-Click Companies are going to have access to tools that basically give them a 360-degree view of a given market.

Whether they are looking at one specific keyword or the entire industry in which you operate, competitive tools like SpyFu, Compete, HitWise, Clickable, Keyword Spy, and Trellian give them a view of your business that you may not have ever seen.

These tools can be pricey. Especially using them long-term.

They know your industry better than you

I know that you have been working in your industry for a long time, but how much experience do you have with buying digital real estate in your industry?

Most business owners answer that question honestly with an, “Umm, none I guess.”

The typical PPC Firm has in-depth experience in many, many industries. I know that myself, being a PPC Professional, have built campaigns in at least 50 different industries.

From PPC/SEO projects, we have employees familiar with digital real estate in industries like

…Just to name a few.

Another thing is that an employee of a Pay-Per-Click Firm is really good at learning new industries quickly.

A true PPC campaign story

Web-Mechanix.com gets a new PPC contract, a venture-backed software company in Reston, Virginia. They sell this software which is kind of complicated.

Long story short, the company’s marketing director had been having a heck of a time making their PPC spend return a profit.

It just wasn’t profitable. They were spending $1,000 to make a $500 sale, type of thing.

They didn’t want to abandon PPC though because they knew they should have a presence on Google when people search for related terms.

That’s what caused this company to seek out a Professional Pay-Per-Click Firm to have a look at the account.

We identified a bunch of issues with what they were doing currently and made many changes. The main thing that caused most of the improvement, though, was the changes we recommended to the landing page.

The way we came up with the recommendations was by using SpyFu & Compete to see what the leaders in their industry were doing. We added a little bit of our own spice including some internal linking modifications and split-testing to come up with a market-leading PPC solution.

Managing PPC campaigns isn’t necessarily rocket science. There are just a lot of little details that you need to know to trim the fat off your campaign and have it performing at optimal levels.

Don’t discount the importance of a good Pay-Per-Click Marketing Firm