What Are The Themes In WordPress?

What Are The Themes In WordPress?

Did you know that some WordPress Themes might be BAD for your SEO??

What are we talking about?

WordPress is a popular content management software used by several websites (especially blogs) to create and manage the content on the site. When you put a ‘skin’ or ‘theme’ on a WordPress application, you are changing the look and feel of the site – but what you might not know is this: you are also changing the SEO mechanics behind the scenes!

What’s the problem?

Installing a theme on WordPress changes the code that is executed to produce your website.  Most of the time, the theme developer is not SEO savvy.  This results in poor SEO practices for not one, but ALL of your pages and posts!  For example, the H1 tag is popular among search engines because it tells them what the page is all about – but some WordPress Themes don’t use H1 tags for their page or post titles, instead, they use H2 or H3 or sometimes even their own custom font defined by CSS.

Basically – if you’re not careful, you will ruin your website SEO standings with Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc… by installing a ‘good-looking’ WordPress Theme.