How Do You Increase Conversion Rate?

How Do You Increase Conversion Rate?

See tangible results from an actual marketing company (rather than vague theories or claims). Let’s begin.


Win 1: Client chooses Marketing Addiction over other vendors once again

One of our company values is #LegendaryService. A client recently affirmed our customer service with this testimonial, “[Our parent company] recommended a couple of vendors that could also perform [our website migration] for us that they have worked with, in the past. I did my research with them, and I would prefer to go with Marketing Addiction due to our past (and current) relationship and the fact that I do feel confident you and the team know what you are doing as well as understand our needs for projects.”

Win 2: Marketing Addiction reaches the client’s goal only 7 weeks into the quarter

Digital marketers love data. And Marketing Addiction brings the heat when it comes to the digits. Here’s a little snippet from the account manager, Sam, about one of our B2B SaaS clients:

1. They hit their numeric One Big Metric goal for the entire quarter only seven weeks into it!

2. We cut down their sales team’s workload by automating emails for them. This screenshot is an ode of thanks from them.

WebMechanix reaches client’s goal only 7 weeks into the quarter

3. We launched a badass page that after some link building and it is now ranking #4 when potential customers search for our primary keyword against their #1 competitor that used to crush them organically.

Win 3: Marketing Addiction’s CRO team increases sales conversion rate rapidly

Our Director of Experience Optimization‘s team launched new acquisition campaigns for a client a few weeks ago, and look what happened:

WebMechanix’s CRO team increases sales conversion rate rapidly

I’m super excited to continue this #WinStoryWednesdays series because we have a treasure trove of wins we haven’t mentioned yet. What I’ve shared so far is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned!