How Can I Get More Sales?

How Can I Get More Sales?

Welcome to the second post of our new series, #WinStoryWednesdays, where we highlight a handful of weekly achievements. Take a glimpse at how Marketing Addiction scores goals for clients with effective strategy and planning (and occasionally, a few trick shots).

Win #1: Marketing Addiction speeds past more quarterly goals

Last week, we mentioned how we completed a client’s quarterly goals within seven weeks. We’ve done it ahead of schedule with yet another client, too.

An international construction client has a quarterly One Big Metric of 30 marketing-originated closed/won deals. By the start of the third month, the team already swept 34 deals under its belt, 113% of the goal. We are projected to hit 40, which would be 133% of the goal. Comparing results year-over-year, that’s a 186% improvement! AND, we smashed this record while going through a site redesign. Needless to say, the clients are raving. Great work, team!

WebMechanix speeds past more quarterly goals

We typically don’t measure this client by closed-won revenue as deals size and revenue vary drastically from $2,000 to 100,000 based on product. Bigger deals are a very different sale and usually, the reason why it doesn’t close isn’t related to us (the project was canceled, the product was unavailable, or price).

That taken into account, you’d think we’d be down for this metric but this quarter, we have closed $433,000 in marketing originated deals. That is 134% of what we closed in the previous quarter and 354% of what we closed in the same quarter last year. Our point of contact was very pleased and actually called again after our meeting to apologize about not being more excited.

Win #2: Net sales soar over two years

We’ve been working with a window replacement client for two years. Given the milestone, we looked at the net sales attributed to digital marketing over this period. In the chart below, you’ll see how their net sales surge over time.

WebMechanix makes net sales soar over two years

In this period, we have netted well over 8 figures in revenue, with an ROI of 1,007% against the marketing investment! It took a dedicated team to create these results. We truly appreciate their work!

Win #3: Marketing Addiction scores two more 5-star reviews

We love positive surprises, like Mexico beating Germany in the World Cup. That’s why we were delighted when we found out we recently received two 5-star reviews on our Google profile, keeping our average rating at a 5 out of 5 with 35 total reviews.

Here’s what our lovely clients have to say:

“During our time working with Marketing Addiction, every staff member has been professional, personable, and effective. They took the time to learn our business, think outside the proverbial box, and most importantly, they used their expertise to bring us closer to our stated objectives.  Every single meeting showed preparedness, was well-organized and resulted in actionable items to move us forward. Kudos to the whole Marketing Addiction team.”

“Our experience with Marketing Addiction was positive. They were extremely organized to keep everyone on track of our defined goals, and they were always bringing new ideas to explore. Additionally, they did an excellent job with reporting KPIs and other critical metrics, so we could evaluate what was working or still needed some improvement. I highly recommend working with Marketing Addiction if you need to improve your digital marketing efforts or website performance.”

Win #4: Lead quality and conversion rates skyrocket for healthcare client after CRO tweaks

A surgery client was getting form submissions from users looking to schedule an appointment, but many leads canceled or stopped responding. We wanted to get to the bottom of why and find out where leads were in the buying cycle (research, consideration, ready to purchase). We tested removing the zip code (an unnecessary field) and added a field that asks, “What best describes you?” with the options:

  1. Looking for pricing
  2. I want to schedule a consultation
  3. Doing research
  4. Other

Not only did the conversion rate skyrocket (13% vs. <2%), but most of the leads now choose “I want to schedule a consultation.” It’s a win-win because even if users don’t choose that option, we can qualify them before reaching out. That helps prioritize lead follow up cadence and messaging approach.

The Marketing Addiction team just got back from our first face-to-face visit with the client. They had nothing but nice things to say, we’re very impressed and could tell we knew the right levers to pull and when.