There are no dumb questions.

Here’s what CEO’s around the country are asking:

We’ve worked in sales and marketing for over 15 years and we built teams of qualified talent to help you generate revenue through better and faster methods.

Most companies feel like they have to hire a Full-Time Marketing Rockstar (or CMO) and a team of amazingly talented writers, designers and digital marketing strategists to create beautiful marketing campaigns that will magically turn into customers.

But we know most companies can’t afford that and even if they can afford it, they end up with lack-luster results because the marketing team isn’t listening to what sales needs.

Marketing Addiction combines a fractional CMO and Sales Lead with a team of revenue-focused talent to execute sales and marketing strategies that generate leads and close deals leading to faster positive revenue impact.

You will have a team of revenue-focused professionals who will configure a 6-month plan for your company based on your goals and needs.

You have access to a fractional CMO coupled with a project lead who is there to ensure your monthly tactics and strategies are delivered on time and on budget.

Need more support? No problem. Our team can scale up to meet deadlines and fill gaps on your team.

Transparency and communication are core to our program and you can expect a weekly touchpoint to review work in progress and determine priorities for the business.

We start with a 90-day execution plan to get your sales collateral, marketing efforts and sales process lined up to start delivering marketing qualified leads.

You’ll have a project manager, strategist and execution team set up to get your company’s lead generation and nurturing machine in place.

We spent years in the trenches and designed a program that allows us to pass along our learnings while maximizing your budget.

We don’t build custom solutions. We take our proven process and deliverables and configure them to meet your business needs.

At a traditional agency, you pay for custom design and branding efforts that may or may not deliver results. At Marketing Addiction, you pay for the process, collateral and strategy to set up your lead generation and nurturing engine to close more deals faster.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing is the process of using marketing tactics like email, social media, blogging, vlogging, or podcasting to engage with customers as they move through the four main stages of the buyer’s journey: consideration, conversion, adoption and retention. Customer Lifecycle Marketing is especially important for SaaS companies because they must prevent their customers from hitting the cancel button each month.

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