Scaled The Brand From $4K To $60K In 3 Months | Jewelry Company


Scaled The Brand From $4K To $60K In 3 Months


Return On Ad Spend Using Facebook Ads

4,212 %

Increase In Overall Website Revenue In 4 months

Scaled The Brand From $4K To $60K In 3 Months | Jewelry Company

The Challenge

Our client is in the luxury jewelry and e-commerce industry. Our client designs dainty and unique earrings. Unlike many jewelry brands, our client offers a range of specific sizes to their earrings to ensure customers can find piercings that fit them perfectly. In this way, they are quite unique and offer a range of piercings from tiny hoops to studs to barbells.

Upon joining us, the brand had suffered consistent disapproval of their Facebook ads account which we managed to resolve quickly and without any further problems. Although our client already had a highly functional website, they were looking to grow their audience, reach, and revenue. We were able to assess the existing ads account and use our expertise to implement a successful strategy moving forward.

Our team was able to set out a clear strategy for the Facebook campaigns and give a range of options in terms of the services we could offer and at what cost. Our Client was pleased with the transparency of our approach and has throughout our time working with them praised our level of communication with regards to our marketing strategies.

During our analysis of the company we identified two key challenges:

  • An inability to achieve a consistent ROAS
  • The company were not taking full advantage of all available revenue streams

Our recommendations moving forward was to expand the brand onto new platforms such as Facebook ads, Google ads, and email marketing in order to increase reach and build up their audience base.


In response to the challenges we identified, Marketing Addiction was able to offer a line of expertise in relation to increasing overall revenue and utilizing a range of channels to do so. 

We took over the management of our client’s Facebook and Instagram ad accounts and implemented fresh creative tailored specifically to a variety of target audiences. We were able to identify the most effective messaging and channels through which to target audience members who were new to the brand as well as those who were already familiar or had previously purchased. 

In terms of our Cold Audience, we targeted users who had interests in relevant brands or topics including tattoos & piercings, beauty, other jewelry, fashion brands, and hair. By setting up this audience we were able to show our ads in a relevant section of the market and increase the quality of our traffic. 

We also set up a more refined audience and used direct creative to target users further down the marketing funnel. Our target audience at this level included engaged shoppers and people who had previously visited our client’s website, Facebook, or Instagram page. 

Our client had already placed a great emphasis on customer service and had collected over 700 reviews since starting in January which helped immensely in building a trusting foundation between the brand and their customers. As a result, we were able to build our campaigns on fertile ground.

We regularly introduced new creative and tested various media formats including slideshow videos, carousel ads, single image ads as well as images of the earrings on and off the ear. By doing so, we were able to identify that which was most effective in driving sales and utilize this information going forward. 

During Month 2, we introduced new revenue streams by expanding into Google Ads. We introduced both Search and Shopping campaigns in order to increase our uptake in the market and maximize the opportunity to drive revenue. Our campaigns produced a combined ROAS of 3.56 ROAS during the first three weeks of running. 

While our Search campaigns have allowed us to claim space in the SERPs as well as show up in response to relevant searches, the Shopping campaign allowed us to increase the quality of our website visitors by providing richer content that is more informative and visually appealing thus ensuring that customers who land on the website have a more secure intent to purchase. 

As a result of the success we have seen from Google and Facebook, we are currently in the process of setting up Email Marketing Funnels to further expand our opportunity to maximize revenue. With Bling already had automated emails in place with Shopify, however by switching over to Klaviyo, we were able to implement a strategy that we had far more creative control over in terms of both the content of the emails and the schedule at which they were sent out.  

By setting up a welcome email flow we will be better able to capture the interests of new signups and direct them to purchase by offering them information about the brand and products. We are also setting up an abandoned cart flow to ensure that the loss of customers at the checkout is limited. 

In utilizing this variety of channels we have been able to better connect with potential and existing customers from a variety of angles and capture their intent to buy, thus increasing overall revenue and maximizing sales. Furthermore, With Bling’s commitment to investing any profits into growing the brand further made a significant impact in achieving the results.

The Results

Since working with our client, we have: