85.3% Increase In Quarterly Revenue | Scooter Company


Facebook Return On Ad Spend.


Increase in website conversion rate.


Increase in quarterly revenue.

85.3% Increase In Quarterly Revenue | Scooter Company

The Challenge

A scooter company approached Marketing Addiction about partnering on some out-of-the-box strategies to grow sales while reducing branded paid social media click cost. The challenge for the company, which was experiencing cost creep and displacement, was maintaining its growth trajectory without sacrificing a cohesive brand experience for their customers. 

During our initial analysis, we identified several main challenges:


In order to tackle the areas needing improvement, we set up Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads to recapture customers who were visiting the website but not purchasing. These ads are designed to show users the products they may have looked at on the website which when combined with a remarketing discount for example 10% off, drives purchases and recaptures lost customers.

After seeing significant success from this campaign, the client was keen to explore Facebook Advertising in more detail. So, we began to introduce several cold and warm audience campaigns, including;

Interest-Based campaigns targeted cold audiences who were interested in Sports/Fitness and Outdoor activities, alongside Engagement campaigns which actively targeted people who had engaged with the Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

We also created and implemented a Lookalike campaign to target those who were similar to previous purchasers. Both of these new efforts were designed to broaden the visibility of the brand to relevant users. 

Doing so has dramatically improved the ROAS for our client, which has been on average 6.88 since we began our partnership, and has driven 132,000 website visitors.

One of the ways we are able to reach such a high ROAS is due to our approach towards ad creative and messaging. For our client, we created ad campaigns that targeted Christmas, seasonal gifting, and half terms, along with creating specific messaging that has targeted the COVID-19 lockdown, encouraging those at home to make the most of their time outside while remaining safe. 

This approach has driven significant results for our client during the time we have been working together, with consistent Facebook advertising that has been developed with an increased budget as the positive results were continuously delivered.

The Results

Since working with our client we have: