697% Increase In YoY Non-Branded Search Revenue | Outdoor Apparel Company


Increase in YoY non-branded search revenue


Increase in branded search revenue


Overall YoY revenue increase

697% Increase In YoY Non-Branded Search Revenue | Outdoor Apparel Company

Our client is in the outdoor apparel industry.  The initial overhaul and rebuild of the brand’s PPC strategy enabled full transparency of their branded search, non-branded, and shopping campaigns. Providing increased granularity and control in the account and campaign structure significantly expanded non-branded product coverage.

These efforts drove a surge in PPC results, including a 697% increase in YoY non-branded search revenue, a 29% increase in branded search revenue, and 144% growth in shopping ad revenue, ultimately contributing to a 43% overall YoY revenue increase.

YoY Revenue Growth With PPC Strategy

Chart showing YoY growth with PPC strategy

Building on the success of these paid search results, our team’s paid social strategy helped the brand maximize the Facebook platform by developing a campaign structure that expanded its reach and avoided cannibalization in the auction. This new account structure allowed them to utilize all first-party data for richer audience segments, resulting in a 109% YoY growth the following year.

YoY Facebook Revenue

Chart showing YoY Facebook Revenue

In addition to the YoY increase, our team’s work contributed to a 322% increase in prospecting revenue, a 76% increase in remarketing revenue, and a 143% increase in prospecting audience ROAS.

YoY Prospecting ROAS

Chart showing YoY Prospecting ROAS

Our combined approach to paid search and paid social strategies helped the company stand out even more against competitors in the outdoor apparel industry, expanding their customer reach without sacrificing their reputation as a brand built on lifestyle.