19.4% Increase In Revenue MoM | Gym Apparel Company


Facebook Return On Ad Spend.


Increase in overall revenue.


Decrease in the Cost Per Conversion.

19.4% Increase In Revenue MoM | Gym Apparel Company

The Challenge

One of the top gym apparel companies in the United States came to Marketing Addiction with a unique challenge: compete with their in-house and current marketing agency to see who could deliver more customers and revenue in an eight-week period. 

The company divided up their service areas nationwide and the competing teams received an equal number of serviceable zip codes and product types to compete for.

Each was then given the freedom to manage the paid search landscape as they saw fit – with the ultimate goal of maximizing online sales opportunities, conversion, and unites and revenue per sale. The traffic generated from their paid search efforts was directed to each competitor’s landing pages/funnel. It was then up to each competitor to close the sale and convert as many opportunities into customers as possible.

During our initial in-depth analysis, we identified a few challenges:


With our data science, marketing, and copy teams all working in collaboration, we create a plan to maximize the effectiveness of paid search listenings, directing customers to our landing pages.  We routinely introduced new creative on Facebook & Google – pushing the key values of the brand without relying on a discount that was appealing to the customer. The data science team was monitoring the online and offline behavior of the customers and plugging the data into a self-improving feedback loop by which we continually optimized the process throughout the test. 

The campaigns we created centered around hero content to remain relevant and befitting of the time. For example, during the COVID-19 lockdown, we understood that not only was this a challenging time for a wide variety of people in different situations but that many people who were able to shop online, were going to be driven by the idea of working out at home. 

By implementing dynamic and creative ad copy that was relevant to the current climate, we saw huge shifts in the performance of these campaigns. Not only did the number of total sales rise by 241%, but we also achieved a 203% increase in the number of sales attributed to marketing.

Our proactive approach has meant we’ve driven a 6.60 Facebook ROAS over the last 12 months. In April alone, we drove a ROAS of 8.72.

Last but not least, Marketing Addiction implemented and managed Dynamic Remarketing on Google alongside our regular Search Campaigns, giving the gym apparel company another opportunity to reach those potential customers that showed initial interest, increasing the total revenue for the brand.

The Results

After the testing period, the gym apparel company determined that we had consistently outperformed the company’s internal teams by 35%. An impressive number, for sure, but Marketing Addiction’s performance-based pricing structure meant that the client would also save the 6% media spend fee that their current marketing agency was charging them. As a result, the company awarded Marketing Addiction 100% of the Google and Facebook paid marketing budget. 

Since working with the gym apparel company, we have: